21 September 2015


Hi all just to let you know - my blog has now moved from blogger to wordpress and as I messed up transferring it over - my traffic has gone elsewhere! Still getting lots of hits here. You can now find me at Still the same blog, but a different layout. 

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14 July 2015

Steal Her Style & Update

Hey Girls - my blog has now moved - incase you haven't realised - it can be found at the old url - and there are lots of new posts up for you to have a look at! 
Head on over to the new website to find out where to shop these items!

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30 June 2015

Khaki And Creams

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend – just a quick hello from me and a massive lack of outfit posts – i’ve seriously gotten out of the swing of things and to be honest, this past week, i’ve just been in jeans and a tee. I’m sure once the sun shows his face for a little bit longer, the Summer dresses will be out!  Hope you all have a great Monday!

uk lifestyle blogger
uk fashion and lifestyle blogger
Jeans George at Asda // Heels M&S // Top River Island // Sleeveless blazer Select Fashion
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23 June 2015

Casual Days

grey primark cardigan
If you could see the state of my wardrobe right now, you will literally wonder how on earth do I get dressed in the morning. It is shocking. To put an image in your mind - its a cupboard I can walk in it and stretch out my arms both ways. It has 2 rails, which aren't enough, so everything else is piled up on top of each other. It's ridiculous - so getting dressed, at the moment, is quite often 'what's on top of the pile?, Oh that - i'll just put that on.' So back to the outfit - casual outfit to run a few errands - ripped jeans, white tee and a massive cardi to hide all of the packets of crisps that I have eaten recently. That summer healthy living plan I had, hasn't been going that well. Whoops. Don't forget to check out my new blog layout at - it will all be back to .com as soon as the host sorts it out! 
ripped boohoo jeans 2ripped boohoo jeansprimark cardigan

Sleeveless Blazer From Select

select fashion sleeveless blazer
I've got a massive thing for sleeveless blazers right now and seen and as i've become the laziest getting dressed in the morning person, these really have become some what of a wardrobe staple. They pull together a normal tee and jeans ensemble and they look great on a night out teamed with a dress or smart trousers. They even look fab with crop tops - if you're a bit like me and feel completely exposed in one - then this is for you. Select have some great ones in store right now. They aren't really any cheaper than New Look, however they have more options and I have to say that they do wash better! Don't forget that the new blog is hosted at for the time being! 
select fashion sleeveless blazer 2new primark sandals
select fashion sleeveless blazer 3
What do you guys think of sleeveless blazers - will you be wearing them this Summer?
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Hello everyone - Just to let everyone know - my blog is currently hosted at - hopefully my will be back up and running soon. I haven't gone anywhere - the other website is being updated. I knew I would mess something up when changing to wordpress. Anyways apologies to anyone who has missed posts etc - but I am still here.

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11 June 2015

Check It Out

Hello Ladies

I have had a little blog design - which is nearly finished - new posts will be in the new design template, however older posts will be a little bit different - until I can work out how to change it easily. The only thing that is left to do is to re-direct the domain name - which as it turns out - seems to be causing me the most issues. You will be able to see updates for the time being on the newly redesigned blog at the temporary blog url. 

Check it out and let me know what you think! Hopefully the normal URL will be working soon. Also there is a new outfit post for you all to look at! 

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