23 May 2009

Beauty Post

I decided today to do some sort of beauty post because there is no one at home to take any pictures of my outfits. So annoying as I have lots of new clothes to show you. Anyway at the minute I am totally addicted to anything Soap and Glory. It smells great (reminds me of my trip to LA) feels great and you are perfumed for the whole day. Currently shimmering as I have just used there Glow lotion, which smells great and I just can't get enough of. Also i am amazed by their exfoliator, smells fantastic and is very helpful in getting unwanted fake tan off. There shower gel is also great as it has moisturiser in it and leaves your skin super soft and silky-Now isn't that what we all want?
Please excuse my babbling way to much caffeine. Here are my fav top 10 products at the min.
1.Soap and Glory exfoliator
2.Soap and Glory body butter
3.Soap and Glory glow lotion
4.Soap and Glory shower gel
5.Gum hair conditioner
6.Ojon shampoo
7.St Moritz fake tan
8.L'Occitane Peach skin moisture gel
9.Miss Dior Cherie perfume
10.Marvela gold nail varnish
So I have explained my top 4 now onto number 5.This conditioner not only makes my hair soft it also smells like satsumas from the Body Shop. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Number 6 Is my favourite shampoo its for coloured hair and keeps it from breaking off. 7 is my all time fav that my friend maria told me about. Possibly the best fake tan that I have ever used. Took some getting used to but goes a lovely colour. Number 8 is a great moisturizer that i use everyday and night. 9 is my Miss Dior cherie - Enough said! Lastly number 10 my current fav nail varnish.


Mads said...

I wanna try that glow lotion too!! Hope to find one of those on my SF vacation..=)


Ashita said...

I should definitely take these suggestions and put it to good use!
A beauty regimen is the last thin on my mind. And i absolutely love Miss Dior Cherie perfume. great collection.

P.s your floral top in the previous post is gorgeous

The Eccentric Kay said...

yea i thought so.
thanx for the input. =]

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

Looks like you're just like me, in love with Soap&Glory stuff! We even have the same perfume (one of them anyway).

Very interesting to read!

Miss Mae said...

Soap & Glory is a fun line. I like the "Glow Lotion" the best!

fashionista said...

Thank you for the sweet comment!
I LOVE the Righteous Butter, it's right next to me as I type this! It smells divine.

Alison said...

OMG I LOVE soap and glory. Best smells EVER

Anonymous said...

soap & glory just came out with a new facial moisturizer and in the uk I hear its called "glow job" but over here they changed the name to be less vulgar. oh you brits (and your vulgarly named beauty products)...


Boubou said...

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A bientot!
Boubouteatime xx

The Q said...

I love glow lotions, but not the ones with self-tanner in them. Honestly, I've tried a half dozen self-tanning lotions and every one of them made me orange. So the best thing for me is to just use a lotion with a shimmer to it which gives my skin a pretty sheen without any obnoxious color. My favorite this year is called Glamour Girl and its all natural with essential oils--and it has shea butter which makes it actually good for the skin.