9 May 2009

Birthday wish list............

Ok so my birthday is in a weeks time and I want absolutely everything. I usually write down wish lists at least once a week as I believe this eventually makes me forget about what i want to buy. This would not be such a problem if I had millions but as I do not, I have a budget! Boo! Anyway my birthday wish list is........................

LnA Deepy V elastic waist dress

LnA one shoulder dress

KAiN label pocket tank

I want so much more but I don't want to be greedy now do i? I'm sure I will be purchasing these next month anyways. Oh I just cant wait!


Carte Blanche said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you get what you want :-)

Meg and Komie said...

Happy almost birthday! We love the LnA simple yet stylish! The pink one really pops!