28 June 2009

Hats Off

Happy Sunday everyone! Spent a great day shopping in the sun! yay. Bought quite a bit so im really excited to wear it all.
Top is from Zara, Shorts from Matalan, Necklace Thomas Sabo and bracelet is from Next.
Nearly forgot the lovely Lexi tagged me with 4 questions to answer and 4 people to pass this along to:

So here it is...
4 things I look forward to:
a. Friday Nights
b. Holidays
c. Seeing my friends
d. My Birthday

4 things I did yesterday:
a. Went shopping
b. Watched Beverly Hill Chihuahua
c. Ate a McDonalds
d. Drank too much wine

4 things I wish I could do:
a. Win the lottery
b. Move to LA
c. Travel the world
d. Have a year round tan! lol

I am tagging.......
1. Stilettolover91 of Hottest Heels
2. Daisy Chain of Daisy Chain Dreams
3. jennifer of I know right?
4. CMA of COSMIcaroline


Fashion Moment said...

Fantastic shirt and hat!


stilettolover91 said...

u look awesome, and really kool thanks for tagging me! i'll do mine on friday tag some other people and answer the questions ;)

Alison said...

cute hat! I look HORRID in hats!

Couture Carrie said...

Such a fun tag and pics! Yesterday sounds like fun :)


emma said...

sick at I love it!

I wish I could do those 4 things as well. Really really badly.

love the fashion kiwi

Justine-R said...

Lovely shirt & hat
U look great :)


OceanDreams said...

Glad you were able to shop til you drop! Cute summer outfit and hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

Lily G. said...

Great outfit, love the hat!

Talisa said...

I really love your hat. Thanks for stepping by at my blog. Was really happy about it!

Danielle said...

I hear ya with the year round tan! Awesome shirt!

DaisyChain said...

you look amazing!

Ashley said...

Love the hat! looks awesome.

jane st. clair said...

i really like that shirt!!

Gabbi said...
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Gabbi said...

Cute outfit, especially the top! I love delicate knits.

Did you like 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'? I wanted to see it... :)

Damsels said...

lovely hat and a great summer T

Isquisofrenia said...

i love this, is the perfect outfit, i love the tee!!

Kristin said...

Friday nights are the best, but boy do I hate Sunday nights! Love the fedora!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for tagging me!
Looking at your lists it looks like we have a lot in common...gosh I would do ANYTHING to travel the world right now. (But with this economy I'm just holding on to my job for the next year or so before something like that happens. Sigh).
And I have Beverly Hills Chihuahua on my Netflix! LOL.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ok, awesome hat! I just wrote a post about how much I love them.

P.S. I'm hosting my first giveaway! Check it out if you get a chance :)

Mads said...

Hi there!! cute shirt!! we are white T twins!=) Ooohh and I love your hot pink nail polish in your older post..=) thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you again soon..


Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

cute shirt!!
Love the hat!!
You look awesome!!


Talita said...

the sheerness of the t-shirt is so stylish and subtly sexy! great purchases, gosh shopping is so much fun!

thanks for adding me to your blog roll ;)

Raez said...

very cute hat! loving teh pink sheer too, and thnaks for teh sweet blog comment!

xx raez

Bia said...

I love that hat ^^ I have one like that :)


Hayley said...

Thanks for my comment!
Cute top!
And I wish I could win the lottery and move to LA too!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! You are too adorable! I love number 4 letter D on your list, LOL! Would love for you to follow my blog! I will follow you now as well! Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!