13 September 2009


Hey Loves
Off on holiday super early tomorrow morning. I wont be blogging for the 2 weeks that ill be in LA and San Fran. I will update as soon as I get back. I will leave you with a few pics from my friends wedding yesterday!
Im the 3rd one in on the left.
First Dance
Bride to be getting ready
Cutting the cake
Congratulations Guys x


Valencia Lia said...

You look beautiful in your dress and the wedding looks like so much fun !

Everyone is looking stunning :) Ohhh and going on a Holiday for 2 weeks ?!! Will miss you and have lots of fun and snap more photos <3

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

from the little pic of you, you look great! have a wonderful trip to California! i wish my shop was open for you to stop by!

Joan said...

Did she do her own makeup? That's so awesome!

Oh, and those wedding cupcakes are making me hungry!

Dylana said...

Great pics! You have such a lovely blog!

Jowy said...

Beautiful photo' romantic and pretty.

One Love,

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding. Love the cake cutting photo - their expressions are priceless!

Have fun in LA and San Francisco!

Fashion&Such said...

looks like a beautiful wedding! love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy dear !!!
Lovely wedding btw x)

Glamour Bbey said...

Wauw! Great pics! xx

anna said...


The Anthology said...

What a beautiful wedding! Looks like so much fun.

* Kelsey

Jen said...

Looks like it was lovely! Everyone looks fantastic! :)

Hope you have a fun trip!

Tink in My Closet said...

Weddings are so exciting!! My sisters is in two weeks I can't wait!!

Smelly Cat said...

hope you're having a good holiday :]
i need to go to a wedding soon.. i love them

Carissa said...

aw, what pretty happy photos! and the groom looks hilarious while cutting the cake!! hope you have fun in LA.... you're not too far from me!

Melissa~ said...

you look great!
And the cake looks so yummy!

Erika said...

That is quite possibly the most lovely wedding cake I have ever laid eyes on - I'm not sure if I'd be able to eat it. Well, maybe that's exaggerating a bit. Love the champagne olored bridesmaids dresses - so gorgeous! :)

carlyjcais said...

Congratulations to your friend!
You look lovely in your dress!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Miss Eve said...

Lovely pictures! Congrats to your friend dear Kristy...and have fun in LA.

Cheers: Evi

Ash Fox said...

the bride looks stunning! congrats to your friends!


Ming Min said...

Thank you for visiting
Ming Min

MK said...

Lovely, darling! Hope to have you back on the blogs soon!

Maeko @ Thereafterish

diane said...

i miss new york too :(
You're so lucky! you're going to san francisco! x

Anna M. said...

Sweet :)

Constructive Attitude said...

Aww congrats to your friend!