7 March 2010


Am I good to you guys or what?
The girls at Eclectic Eccentricity would like to offer FashionChampagne readers the chance to win these lovely pieces of jewelley.

You'll make me Blush Necklace
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Blossoming Beauties Vintage Leaf Earrings
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So thanks Eclectic Eccentricity - go over to there website and check out there other beautiful pieces.
To be in with a chance to win simply follow me on BlogLovin - click on the logo in the side bar - leave a comment to let me know et voilĂ !

EDIT - Giveaway ends on 16th March at midnight

Good Luck! Xxxxx


hewnly said...

so lovely!

Anonymous said...

i follow you! :) beautiful pieces!!

leviana coccia. said...

That necklace is adorable :)

nookie said...

these are beautiful!
I already follow you on bloglovin:)
can I enter?

SofiiLeo said...

wow the necklace with the pink rose is beautiful! I'm really into roses lately, pins, hadbands everything.

Laura Gerencser said...

Oh Wow!! That necklace is gorgeous!!!
I'm a follower!!!!
laura gerencser at roadrunner dot com

Taylor said...

I'm following you, how can i enter? those earrings are gorgeous.

heartshapedbruise. said...

I already follow you & would love to be entered for your giveaway - cheers :)

Jojo said...

Hey hun,

Just popped by to say congrats, I'm passing on the sunshine award to you. Check out my blog for more details...

Love Jojo xxx

virgo said...

So beautiful !!!


Diane said...

HY, I;m an old follower so enter me cause those pieces are so pretty!


Mode Junkie said...

the earrings are soo adorable! ;)


Clare said...

You are all about the good competitions recently!
Pretty pieces :)



Jessica said...

Lovely pieces. I'm a follower!

Kookie B. said...

these are beautiful pieces!

Do send me some love over at

Amela. said...

They are adorble! Specially the neckless, following you on bloglovin.

With love,

Becca. said...

gorgeous floral necklace,
love it!
following you <3


Milly. said...

Wow these are absolutely gorgeous.
I love florals and vintage-esque things.

Ofcourse I'm following you!! Who do you think I am :P

Also - Mike & Me are thinking of going back to Bournemouth in Summer. But I'm thinking of making him go to Brighton too!


debznmatt07 said...

im jumping on the band wagon too,and following ya!
love those pieces,but they would look better on me!;P hehe

Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

When I have more time later I will enter I love the things they are offering!

From Dolly

Patricia Snook said...

Ooh I love them! What a fab givaway! I'll enter yours if you enter mine at

I adore your blog!


Eliani said...

lovely earrings!!

Anonymous said...

the rose is soo stlish:)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic !!! You are a great blogger indeed ;D

SammyKins said...

ow wow!! i love these items!! if only my blog lovin was working :/ im going to enter later yayyy!!
Love sammy

thank you for the sweet comment gorgeous!

SammyKins said...

ow wow!! i love these items!! if only my blog lovin was working :/ im going to enter later yayyy!!
Love sammy

thank you for the sweet comment gorgeous!

Jaime said...

Both are so cute and girly!

Follow on BlogLovin!

Caroline Amelia said...


Mouthwash said...

wow! these pieces are so pretty!
I'd love to win!
I'm following :)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Very pretty!! I follow you on BlogLovin' now!

Pippa Artus said...

LOVE the necklace :)
Cant work out bloglovin' but hopefully this will count :)

Hannah ♥ said...

oh my goshhhh, I LOVE that necklace! Fingers crossed I'll win.... :D

following you x



thesydneygirl said...

so beautiful! adore that rose! x

Veronique said...

really lovely! :))

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

That necklace is a dream! Following you :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

the necklace is super cute!

Paulina said...

Oh, those are absolutely gorgeous!

daisychain said...

long time follower here :)

Katie Williamson said...

Hi, I'm following you :) Your blog is amazing!! You have such a great sense of style! Keep up the good work.


Schnappy said...

Hi! Oh, this earrings is wonderful! :)

janettaylor said...

I'm already follow you. Love this necklace!

B a la Moda said...

OH, wow!! I love both. Specially the necklace. It is really unique. I have been following you through Blogloving for a while. ;))

B* a la Moda

Ladyulia said...


Yulia Rahmawati
"Get Up,Survive,Go Back to The Bed"

PrincessSparklyPants-x said...

i'm following you :) x

xoxoKrysten said...

That jewelry is SO LOVELY!

Joezehh said...

sometimes when i see jewellery this beautiful i wish i could wear earrings.
thanks for your comment on ma blog!
x x x

verseastyle said...

I follow! ha ha LOVE these pieces - they are so beautiful!

Thanks for all the hook ups lately! Loads of comps!

OceanDreams said...

What lovely creations, I love the beautiful Spring colors! Thanks for this giveaway love.

Anonymous said...

those are so great <3

I looove your blog and I will gladely follow you! :)

MOLLYKT said...

you have THE BEST giveaways Kirsty!

Anonymous said...


HoneyBunny said...

Gorgeous! Especially the necklace<3

Milly. said...

Yay - snap! Haha.
I entered this - so so want to win. I still need to enter the other one too - eek!
I'm on a no spending streak, ahhh! :(

Missing you xxx

Jen said...

these are such gorgeous pieces! count me in :)
i'm a bloglovin follower!

Nina said...


VersaStyle said...

pretty pretty!

Cheryl said...

The earrings and the rose pendant are so cute! I'm following you and also added you to my blogroll. :)

Dee said...

So purdy. Need one of those. I'm now following you!

Bea said...

WOW this are great pieces!
I want to participate!!!
Anyhow I already loved it with blog lovin!


ediot said...

how long is it open for?
international competition?
im following you on bloglovin.and id love to compete.

xx ediot

Anonymous said...

oh they are really really beautiful