7 October 2010

Frassy Rags Giveaway


Hey my loves
FashionChampagne and BeFrassy have teamed up to offer my lovely readers the chance to win these great accessories from Frassy Rags.

How to enter - 
1. Follow Audrey on Twitter here or via Facebook here
2. Follow my blog via Google reader
3. Comment below with you favorite item from Frassy Rags 
& don't forget to leave you email address. 

Will end on Sunday 10th Oct, so get your entries in fast.
Winner is Carol - congrats Audrey will be in contact.

Hugs & Kisses


Carol said...

Hello! I now follow Audrey on twitter and I am following you on google reader (you are already in my bloglovin!). My favourite item from Frassy Rags has to be the furry purple cardi as my mum once knitted me one like this and I love love loved it and then she washed it and shrunk it. Epic fail:(

Email is

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Love Giveaways.

I've been a following forever and a day and love yer wee blog.

Love all their earrings

Lis-x- said...

Following both, been a follower for ages!
I adore those cross earrings. They'd make any outfit awesome.

Lis xXx

Miss Oh' said...

I have to go with Gillian, their earrings are beyond lovely (especially those dangle croww-ones you poseted)!

I already followed you on google and Audrey has my fb dedication ;)


twannywun said...

i follow your blog with GFC as twannywun

I added audrey on facebook as karen scammell


my favourite item is Crochet Dress

twannywun said...

ps my email is twannywun at hotmail dot com

Tara said...

nice post !!!!
check my new blog post " I'm Centroholic part 2 " and leave ur comment.

Miss Molly said...

lovely giveaway girls!

Follow your blog and follow Audrey on Twitter!

My fav item are the dangle cross earrings.. absolutely love!

my email:

PS: don't forget to enter my giveaway too!


Jennifer said...

Love this website ♥

Following your blog and Audrey on Twitter

My fave is the Cherry Red Sweater but it's sold out boooo!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Loving those teardrop earrings! I follow through Google Friend.

wobblinbetty said...

I'm a follower already! :)
and I'm SO in love with the cross earrings and cross necklace

Francesca said...

love all the jewelry. thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog!!! im now following, follow back!!

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

A La Mode et Plus! said...

What an amazing giveaway!! I now follow Audrey on twitter. I follow you on GFC, is that the same as google reader? If not, how do I follow?
My favorite piece is actually the teardrop dirty diamond earrings!!
Thanks again for being awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Following Audrey on Facebook and Twitter, following you on Google Reader and my email is!

My favourite items are the gap year bag and those cross earrings - and I really love those blue Julep shorts. I'm trying not to spend any money but £3.50?! Maybe I should get them!


Tabitha Sheridan said...

My favourite item is the teardrop earrings, theyre beautiful and the grey satchel!
my email is


thx so much, I'm glad you wrote in my blog so I found yours. You go girl! xxx.

Kinsey said...

OOO I love everything, but especially the dirty diomand earrings. I want them!!

Gawgus things... said...

Got to be the leopard print jumpsuit - love, love, love it!

Alexandra said...

Thanks for putting on this giveaway love!

Alexandra xo

Laura said...

love your Blog


Goha said...

OMG!!! Amazing giveaway!!! Thank's for the very nice comment on my blog!!! My favourite items are REGAL BROOCH and DANGLE CROSS EARRINGS fantastic stuff!!!
my E-mail:

Viki said...

love frassy
thanks for your comment:)
i'm following you, follow me


yours truly dear said...

1. i follow her on twitter!
2. i follow your blog of course
3. my fave item is the tropical bangle. i love all the blazers too!


thanks babe!

Cara said...

Frassy Rags is the best thing since...colourful shoe laces. I STILL didn't ordear anything on it. Must work on that.


Xann said...

Definitely joining this, it's all so beautiful!

So yeah, I'm following, my email is and I'd love the Teardrop Dirty Diamond Earrings.

Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

Josie said...

thanks for the comment :) lovely blog

ediot said...

hi lovely! im following you on bloglovin already- but ill do google reader too ;)
LOVE this giveaway--so so great!
i love the dangle cross earrings the most. so nice
hope youre having a great week so far

Anonymous said...

oh cool giveaway! following on bloglovin, does that count? also following audrey on twitter... face item? regal brooch!



shari @ little blue deer said...

I follow you via Google reader, follow Audrey via Twitter and I love the leopard lucite bracelet! Great giveaway! shari{at}littlebluedeerdotcom


Michelle Elaine said...

am i late for not hearing about this brand?? im most intrigued by those dangling cross earrings - do they ahve a necklace to match?!

following you via google reader, and twitter (meesow00).

Michelle Elaine

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the very pretty!!!

Enter my Wendy Hammer Designs Purse Giveaway♥
Statements in Fashion Blog

Anonymous said...

i love the Dangle Cross Earrings..


A BRIT GREEK said...

Hey girl, already following you... love the regal brooch!

buzylizzy said...

I already follow you on twitter I am @buzylizzy1 and my favourit item from Frassy Rags is the Lucite Leopard Bangle

princess V said...

Fantastic giveaway!!

1.I am following Audry on Twitter and FB.
2.I already follow you.
3.My favorite item would be the floral boobtube.


rebecca said...

fun! i love the 60s Edie Earrings!
rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

ciupa said...

love this look, you look fantastic!

ciupa said...

also, I'm following all over the place and I think I'd take a shot at the brooch.

Alexa P. said...

hello there! following now following you on twitter :) I'm absolutely loving the tear drop dirty diamond earrings - they look so easy to throw on with any outfit to add a bit of glitz and glamour!

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I love the pin! It's cute!
Hope i win it :-) I'm following
My email is on my blog


becky said...

Emerald Studs are so pretty!
boon1211 at gmail dot com

Becky said...

Great giveaway, I love the cross earrings and also the grey satchel.

I'm following you on google reader and Audrey on Facebook.


meeyeehere said...

Hey,I am meeyeehere on twitter
I am follower on gfc number 1090,thats me!YESSS!!
I like the cross earrings best!!!
Hey,thanks and have a fabulous weekend