18 March 2011

Samsung Wave Photo Diary x 5

{Gorgeous H&M jumpers}

This past week has been brilliant. My mornings have been spent lounging around, afternoons spent visiting relatives and shopping, whilst my evenings have been spent with my Auntie & cousins, catching up on Soaps. I'm back at work tomorrow, all I can say about that is.............. I can't wait for the weekend.

{Lovely surprise from Aussie Hair care}

{Haven't been able to find these for years}

{Dinner venue last weekend}

{New jeans from Zara}

Hugs & Kisses


jeanine romo said...

Loving the jeans!!


Nicole✗✗ said...

Great photos! I love the colors of the H&M jumpers, so pretty!

Jasmin said...

lovely photos, loving the colours of the h&m jumpers and zara jeans! x

ellieand said...

omg WHAM! yumyumyum.
Glad you've had such a good weekend m'dear :) x

Courtney said...

I'm glad you've had a really good week! Those jeans are lovely, and omg I LOVE WHAM BARS! <3 xx

Cait said...

I adore the colors you choose for those H&M jumpers! I've never had WHAM Bars but they look amazing! :) Have a great weekend hun! xo

Valentina A. said...



whitney said...

Wow, orange jeans! Love it.

Elle Sees said...

can't wait to see what's in the box.

Michaela said...

Love the H&M jumpers!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the perfect colored jean for Spring, so far I haven't found any. I'm def going to check out Zara because I love that blue!

Josie said...

I love those bright jeans!
xo Josie

head over heels said...

looks/sounds like a sweet week :) can't wait to see more of those jumpers! x

janettaylor said...

Love your new jeans!


My Heart Blogged said...

Great jeans.
My Heart Blogged

Ray said...

omg Wham Irn Bru bars, JEALOUS!! Hope you stocked up xxx

Jessie said...

sounds like everything has been lovely! Love the images :)


Trivia said...

nice things going on :)

cryskay said...

those yellow jeans! love it!

Gawgus things... said...

Booo! Works sucks! Glad you had such a great time :) xxx

fashion.gossipmk said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see you wear this! :)
Xoxo, K.

zoelovefashion said...

i love your blog and post!
Maybe we can follow eachother?

cherie said...

love the colors of your jeans!

M said...

1. what is that wham thing?!
2. OBSESSED with the sweater from your post below!


Chiara said...

Great pictures!
Have a good weekend.

Draffin Bears said...

I love the H&M jumpers.
Have a fabulous weekend


Sassi said...

great pics. and great blog! I'm following you.

Anonymous said...

I love the bright Zara jeans.


AMAIA said...

great pictures! :)

Letters from Emily xoxo said...

hey I thought I'd let you know that last week I featured you in my Wednesday Wonders. Each Wednesday I post about one of or a few of my favourite blogs to read/or a blog I recently discovered and loved and yours is one of them! Go to my blog if you wana take a look at what I said!

And yum Irn Bru Wham bars! they're amaze! xoxo