27 May 2011

Samsung Wave Photo Diary x 10

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{Love Label A/W 2011 shoes}

It's time for bank holiday weekend fun! Finally another 3 day weekend and I couldn't be happier. It will be filled with wedding receptions, nights out with the girls and as it's pay day weekend - I suspect there may also be some shopping.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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{Barry M Instant Nail Effects}

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{Chocolate covered strawberries at the Next press day}

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{Next nail effect polish}

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{New sunglasses from Next}

Hugs & Kisses


Rakhshanda said...

Lovely pics!! thanks for sharing <3

fashion.gossipmk said...

Love your sunnies :)
<3 M.

Josie said...

Those strawberries look absolutely amazing!
xo Josie

GEMBEAR said...

those black shoes are lush! look alright to walk in too

Mademoiselle Lala said...

So what was going on on the Next press day? Any trends we should look forward to? :) X

P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

yes, another long weekend and you're right, I nearly forgot it's pay day weekend! Love the shoes and those strawberries! xoxo

Jewellery Bijou said...

oh,those strawberries look so delicious!I love that pick nail polish!
have a lovely weekend!

RCagz said...

Ooo the nail effects look great! I need to try out that Barry M nail polish soon :) xoxo

Sophie Isobel said...

Next are doing the nail effects now too?! Will definitely have a snoop at that!

April's Attic said...

thanks for your comment (:
looove those nails!

Natalie said...

Love the sunnies, enjoy your weekend! x

christinalovesit♥ said...

Thank you!
the strawberries look so good! :)

Bia said...

amazing. how do you do that to your nails? O.o I've heard that its some glue or something you put on you nails, isnt it?

anyway, great blog ;)

kisses, bia.

Ambyr said...

Love the polish and the yummy looking strawberries!


Laura said...

Also got some nail effect varnish, its lush!:)ox

Temporary:Secretary said...

I have been wanting to try the crackle paint for ages but i keep popping in to Boots to buy it! This post has reminded me to do that next week! A must-have! x

Lowri said...

cool shades :) The strawberry's look amazing!


Shanah said...

Lovely shades! I still didn't have the chance to try out the cracked nail polish unfortunately :( But it looks great on you!


Hayley said...

Im loving those shoes & the nail polish!! Awesome post =)

Charline said...

Très très joli vernis !!

Carlito86 said...

Love the shoes and the nails hun! xx

Annabel Wyatt said...

Love the next nail polish! x x