16 July 2011

American Pie

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Hey everyone, hope you're all having a fab weekend. Did a spot of window shopping today, my feet dragged me to Republic - yes dragged - i'm on a spending ban. But as luck would have it - 25% off in store - on everything until tomorrow. So I obviously bought some bits, which I will show you all soon. For now, you can have a sneak peak at my new shorts. Love them! 

Hugs & Kisses


Andrea said...

looove the shorts!

The Internet Garbage said...

Adorable shorts! They are so fun, and how patriotic of you!?

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Much love,
The Internet Garbage

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

those shorts are amazing. love the flag theme and the shape, fabulous casual fashionable look

Gawgus things... said...

What great shorts! Love the faded-ness of the american flag xxx

Sheridan said...

The shorts are really cute and I can't wait to see your other purchases! : ) xx

Lottie said...

I love these shorts! Was looking at them myself today!

Also congratulations on the matalan style project win hun!! Well done :)


BreezeyBee said...

oooh. cant wait to see your purchases.

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I'm Just Me said...

love the shorts, very cute!! :)))

Sara said...

Nice blog! :))

If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

fashiongamble said...

love you shorts!

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would love to have your as a follower

Gemma Bellfield said...

Loving the shorts!
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i follow back all followers :) xxx

Kel said...

Love these!!!

Makes me almost want to be Americano!

With lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel - still living vicariously through pretty things at

Le said...

I am in love with them! <33

Mom Fashion World said...

Awww! So patriotic!
I love, love the shorts!

Rianna Bethany said...

very cute and fun shorts, love em!

Rianna xxxx

Erika said...

Damn I've been wanting to get one of those 'flag-printed' shorts or denim or pants!!

really really cool blog, love love ur blog!!! totally following, pls do check out mine and follow too if u like it :)

much thx and luv

Yaary said...

comfy shorts!

Bad Joan said...

These shorts look adorable! Can't wait to see the whole look!

alysia said...

love the shorts :)
hehe what do you think of my photoblog?


I love Soul-Cal items! I've seen these shorts in store, I would have been straight there if I knew they were in the sale! Must. Go. Shopping.

Carly x

Carys said...

I saw these shoets in there the other day and i was in love with them!!!! I did'nt realise it was 25% off though :/ even though there was baloons everywhere

Sarah said...

Love those shorts! xo