22 July 2011

Fashion Details

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{Chest of drawers found in Clapham}

This week has been pretty dull and boring. The rain has seriously become a joke and the heating has now been turned on. Is this really July? Have we skipped summer completely? On the plus side there is always online shopping. I am waiting for this skirt from Dahlia to arrive, this nude pleated skirt and this pleated maxi skirt, both from Select.

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{Lace on a River Island dress}

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{New clothes}

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{Fave boots from Toppers}

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{Goodies from Kiki's boutique}

Hugs & Kisses


Elle said...

I love the first skirt you´ve ordered! can´t wait to see you wearing it :)

Josie said...

That lacy dress is so pretty!
xo Josie

Tamsin said...

Love the skirt from Dahlia! And the chest of drawers x

SparksandFireworks said...

WOW! How many new clothes have you bought! :) Im starting to pack away my summer stuff and get out my autumn wardrobe! SO depressing!


Anonymous said...

I see a Lauren Conrad book!

Carly x

Kate said...

The skirt from Dahila is beautiful! I really love those chest of drawers in the first photo, they're so pretty! xx

Lottie said...

That pleated maxi your waiting for is gorgeous! I'm desperately hunting for one, but I'm so small I'm not sure if it would be too long on me! You''ll have to let me know!

The rain is also bugging me too.. although where I am it's sunny today :)


Mademoiselle Lala said...

That's a splurge! :) Can't wait to see your outfit photos! :) X

Yaary said...

So cute! nice skirt.

jessica january said...

loving that chest of drawers + those boots! loverly.

january, x

Vera said...

love your boots! xxx

Nicole said...

So cute! Love your boots