5 July 2011

Photo Booth

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{Jumper from Next}

Messing around on Photo Booth, as you do. Main reason for this - I had no idea my laptop had Photo Booth - learn something new everyday! Hopefully today my new purchases from MissGuided will be delivered. I bought this Aldara lace dress and this Krystina stripe dress. Next on my MissGuided list is this Dalea floral shift dress and this Ricca playsuit. Also after mentioning the Ash wedges (here) last week and being unable to decide on the colour, I eventually opted for the brown

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{My flatmate for the week}

Hugs & Kisses


Cait said...

haha i still don't know all the ins and outs of my laptop but i love doing photo booth at times ;) cute jumper girl!

Anonymous said...

Im in love with miss guided! yet to purchase anything from them yet though! The floral Shift dress is gooorrrgeous!!!


Jet said...

Love your top! I'm a stripe addict! Xo

Pippa said...

The aldara dress is EVERYWHERE right now in magazines and online etc :) Love it!

Ellie..♥ said...

lovely post!
i gave you an award :)
check it out ??

ellie oxoxoxox

Dancing Branflake said...

Lovely photos of you! I need to go see if I have photobooth on my new laptop.

Leya said...

hehe this is cute!! :d

Catarina said...

Love the 2nd photo, very Andy Warhol :)

Leticia said...

lovely photos!!


The Beautiful End Vintage Co. said...

Ha we had our Macbook for months before we realised we had a photobooth!


ayu said...

thx for ya comment^^ you have a lovely blog^^

Anonymous said...

Love the colour photos, very Warhol-esque!

Nat x

Susie said...

Aww! LOVE the cat--so fluffy! Cool photo booth pictures too. I always forget I have it!

Fitness freak said...

your hair looks reeeeeeeeally nice here xxxx

Anonymous said...

awww, cute cat! and, of course, a really pretty jumper ;)