21 July 2011

What I wore Today: To Work

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As any Brit can tell you, we have been experiencing some annoyingly wet weather for July. I think our summer may have been and gone - which is just sad! Le sigh! But what is worse - it is making getting dressed every morning that much harder. To wear a skirt or to not wear a skirt. To add tights or to not add tights? To fake tan or to not fake tan. Not the biggest decisions in the world - but frustrating none the less. However my new Hearts and Bows blazer and top from Ark Clothing to the rescue.

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Wearing Hearts & Bows blazer and top, Primarni jeans, Topshop boots and River Island bag.

Hugs & Kisses


Virgit said...

I totally I love your look it have been raining in Holland 2 :-S but you look splendid my Dear love it kisses

Syrious said...

totally love the shoes!!!
and bag too!! very cute outfit!!

Syriously in Fashion
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fashion.gossipmk said...

Nice!! <3 your phone case :))
Xoxo, K.

Lowri said...

Totally with you on the weather! How annoying is it! Love what your wearing!


Lottie said...

Love that blazer!!

I have to say it loked so grim this morning I've opted for tights!! and thick ones at that!

Lottie x

Anonymous said...

I'm finding the weather equally annoying....stupid Britain!
But on the plus side that blazer is a lovely colour, looks really nice on you :)

Little Humble Fashion Abode

Gemma Bellfield said...

I reaaaaly like it especially the blazer kinda thing


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love them boots!

Carly x

Giulia Ferri said...

So cute!!

Lara - Elain said...

Nice outfit, like the flowers and the bag! I know what you mean about the weather, this summer seems to be a bit crazy... but with leggings you survive easily wearing a dress :) and you can feel a bit like summer!

jardelle said...

i like the top ...kiss

Tamsin said...

Love the blazer! Will have to check it out on the website! xx

Pippa said...

Just looked up hearts and bows and its got some really cute stuff :) Definitely buying from there!

Anonymous said...

I honesty think the boots are so... gorgeous with the dark jeans!

Josie said...

I love your shoes! So gorgeous.
xo Josie

bubblybeccy said...

Absolutely fab shoes!

Much Love,

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I HATE weather in London. I don't feel like it's summer at all. I've been wearing the jacket I normally wear in the spring!!! :( Want to cryyyyy! X

JB / Sunshine With Everything said...

I know the weather here has been awful hasn't it. I wish I had saved money and just bought Autumn clothes instead of summer! I think jeans and blazers are the way to go int his weather.I need some new ones!x

Ashley said...

Looking good, girl! Nice balance of girly and tough. :)


Danni said...

I really love the blazer, it's such a casual style and colour- perfect for the annoying weather. Have faith though Kirsty - I reckon we're owed some sunshine! x


Loving that blazer!

Nikol said...

you look lovely...I like your boots:)

Sweetaholic Rachel said...

LOVE the top, so cute :) xx

Wonderland Girl said...

Love those boots!

Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Cee Harvey said...

cute outfit! the boots like great