5 August 2011

Fashion Details

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{My top 2 sunglasses}

I have put myself on a self imposed spending ban for the whole month. So far it has been 5 days and I want everything! All the new season clothes coming out in the shops simply leave me drooling - now there is a pretty sight. Maybe as i'm saving money this month, I can spend it all next month? Probably a bad idea and leaves the spending ban for this month being a pretty pointless exercise! ha!
Have a great weekend!

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{Perfect platforms for A/W from Next}

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{Finally a comfy pair of boots from Ellos}

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{Jumper - perfect for teaming with a maxi skirt}

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{Body Shop Coconut Body Butter - the smell of summer}

Hugs & Kisses


GEMBEAR said...

ugh im the same. trying NOT to spend this month and it is absolutely killing me! how many days have we got left???? :(

Tamsin said...

Im trying to put myself on a spending ban too, but I'm heading out to Bluewater today. Obviously not working haha xx

KaNini's said...

Same problem here! Trying not to spend money and I even don't want to go out of my flat just to avoid shopping, but it doesn't work! :D On the 5th day I behaved like crazy and shopped like ther's no tomorrow! :D

Anonymous said...

oh my god. I love everything on that list! I'm only restricting myself to buy one or two tops/jumpers this month. Nothing else. :)


vintage process said...

Great boots!

Página ao Lado said...

great sunglasses and shoe! (:

Like it!

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the coconut body butter but I have the mango and strawberry one and they are amazing so when your in The Body Shop again looking for new body butters, those are totally recommended : )

Anonymous said...

ooo body shop body butter... delicious!!!!!

Lovelain94 said...

I am actually in love with that jumper :/ Look away and forget (need to tell myself that!) I have to stop spending too xx

Sick by Trend said...

the second one sunnies are my fav! :D


Have a nice weekend

Juls said...

i love your blog! im now following you :)
the platforms and the boots youve posted are amazingly beautiful !
Love, Juls xx!/JulsBirkin

siobhanmckenzie said...

Gorgeous platforms! Shame they're far too high for someone with my shoddy level of co-ordination.

Body Shop Coconut Body Butter is also one of my favourite products! x

fashionismyh2o said...

Those platforms are just amazing! Like absoooolutely amazing!


style point said...

hi, such a great post ! every month i have similar resolutions, hahha.
like your shopping a lot.
platforms rocks xxxxxx


Anonymous said...

I've tried to stay in budget but there are so many pretty things out there, it's impossible, love your sunnies they are awesome, happy friday!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Taryn said...

good luck on your shopping ban, it's like the moment you stop the more tempting it gets! love both pairs of shoes you have here :)

Michelle A. G. said...

OOh! Love the shoes!

Ninja said...

I'm trying (and failing)the exact same thing. Those are some great pieces!

xxx Irinja (

Ambyr said...

Ahhh I want those platforms! And really, I don't think I could go on an intentional no shopping status for a month.


Hayley said...

I love those platforms, they're so nice! x

Josie said...

I love those sunnies! So cute.
xo Josie

Arielle said...

I've really been needing to save as well! Except I'm going on Vacation to San Diego and I need to go check out some thrift shops over there! I'm dying just to go and get some items and I keep getting items from thrift shops where I am! :/

Peiyinn said...

Cool sunglasses and boots! :D

Maggie ☮ said...

I'm on a shopping ban as well but I'm not really saving money because I end up spending it else where do it sort of defeats the purpose for me lol

Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson said...

I love your round glasses! :)


chezjolly said...

You have a lovely blog!! We can’t wait to see your future posts. Check out our beautiful shop sometime. Have a wonderful day!
Xoxo Jessica & Holly

free standing closet said...

great sunglasses and shoe! (: