29 December 2011

Being a slob

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I have spent the last few days in un-blog worthy outfits. I have eaten so many cheese burgers, I am unsure if I can even fit into any of my clothes. I am sad to admit that hoodies, baseball tops and basketball caps have been my wardrobe staples! YIKES! Probably haven't moved more than 10 inches from my bed and have become slightly obsessed and confused with watching American Horror Story. Way over my head, but i'm sure i'll get the gist of it eventually.

Hugs & Kisses


Anonymous said...

No worries! Everythings always a bit off after the holidays!


Sometimes those are the best days though haha. Nothing like relaxing over the holidays :)

Danielle said...

This sounds like heaven to me ;-) xx

Josie said...

I'm all for easy-breezy, relaxing vacations! This sounds perfect!
xo Josie

Ambyr said...

Cheers to a relaxing week! And at least you can pull off the baseball cap, it's just not as cute on me.


Miss Caitlin S. said...

hahah enjoy yourself!!!! That is funny- I say keep pigging out until Jan.

Jessie said...

American Horror Story is my favoriteeeee show!! So amazing!!!

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Forever Fashion said...

It's fun to be lazy sometimes! :D I haven't even been in blog worthy outfits either, you're not alone!
AH! American Horror story is completly chaotic!!

happy blogging!