9 December 2011

Fashion Details

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{Sleepy cat}

Trying to get into the festive spirit this week. I can't really say it's working and for some reason, this year, I am being a complete and utter Scrooge. Hopefully a night out with my besties will sort this out!
Hope you all have a fab weekend.

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{Festive nails}

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{Super size Aussie bottles}

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{Inflatable shampoo bottle}

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{Yummy hot chocolate}

Hugs & Kisses


Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

So cool, love the supersize bottle! And the cat so cute! xoxo

Gabrielle said...

Hi Kirsty
wish you a fun weekend,cool blog!
thank for stopping by in mine and yout good wishes!


el_martina said...

cute cat!

Life Size Barbie said...

Kitty :)))


krt said...

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Josie said...

That hot chocolate looks so tasty and festive!
xo Josie

rebecca said...

FOr a second I didn't realise it was inflatable and thought that you really had an Aussie bottle that size! Imagine how long it'd last you...

Nikki said...

oh, your cat is so sweet ;)
I love your nails. How did you make them?
hugs, Nikki <3


Aw, kitty! :)

bruna marx said...

Cute kitty! nice pics.

Sherin said...

Awww, the cat is adorable, and I love that nail colour.

Char said...

cute cat! X

khloegold said...

Hi thanks for the comment u left on my blog, I love ur blog and if ur interesnted in following each other please let me know :)
I love ur nail polish and im form Australia but ive never seen that shampoo or conditioner, is it good?

Anonymous said...

I'm also having a hard time feeling festive! I think it's because we haven't really received any snow yet. It still feels more like November. I don't mind holding off on the snow though! We can wait until Christmas Eve!!

Hillary said...

You've got to love sleepy kitties!

Carolina Krews said...

love your nails! SO fab!



Sophie Isobel said...

Lovely nails!
Mmm that hot chocolate looks lovely too :)

FashionTeenGirl said...

Those bottles are huge!, that hot chocolate looks yummy :)

Anna said...

Lovin' all these piccys but especially the first one! Your cat is gorgeous - I have a 5 year old boy cat Tarzan who is the apple of my eye. I need to go and buy myself a delicious hot chocolate now too as I'll crave one because of that photo :)

Anna xo