6 December 2011


I'm sure you have all seen these guys around by now. OnePiece is the company that unleashed Onesies for adults onto a unsuspecting world. I have secretly been wishing for one. I'm excited to say that they are opening a store in Boxpark, Shoreditch and i'm hoping to get my hands on this pink and white onesie.

A bit of info about the brand - It all started back in 2007, with 3 hungiver Norwegians, who had the idea to sew together a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants and added a giant zipper into the mix. It became an instant success amongst Scandinavians and the rest is history.
Do you guys have one?

Hugs & Kisses


Nanna Emma said...

Yes, I don't know what I'd do without my onesie!
Us Scandinavians gotta have them.

The pink and white one is pretty, hope you buy it :)


Char said...

my best friend is trying to convince me to buy one! X

LesFee said...

I don´t have one. I guess I would look hilarious if I´d wear one :p
But I think they´re cute :D

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I didn't know the story behind the Onesie's begginings! :) Well, no wonder that they're drunken by-product. ;) I don't own one, but actually start to think that it may be useful when I'll be freezing back home. X

Jess said...

I'd never heard about this before until today at work my friend turned up wearing one saying they were giving them out for free as advertising! Very jealous! Plus they look so snuggly and warm.


Yuki said...

It sounds super comfy! But oddly I've never heard of them before even tho I live in Estonia. Probably seen them but never heard the name! I wonder if they'll become popular here too?

Winnie said...

Haha Those Onesies look really cute actually! Much better than some of the other ones I've spotted in shops!

Tamara Nicole said...

He he so funny! I guess they would be comfy:-)

sugarpuffish said...

I've spotted a version of these in Primark think they are a bit daft but then again if this cold chill continues you never know I may give in :)

Etienne Stoller said...

I have one! I know the guys who run the UK company. Some great leads. My onesie is my comfort-wear. I wore it through a whole Geography trip I went on, I love it so much!

Lots of love, Etienne xx

Billiga one piece said...

I actually got one of these and I'm a proud onesie owner. In Scandinavia it's pretty cold right now so not having one would just be weird. I got the pinky one by the way!