15 December 2011


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I had my staff xmas party today and this is what I wore - obviously this pic was not taken today. The weather was dull and no sign of sunshine at all. I was however unsure on what shoes to wear with this outfit. It should be easy, I mean, I have hundreds of shoes, but at the moment - I cannot be bothered to wear heels. The decisions - pumps, boots, sandals or flats?
I opted for boots as they were warm and comfy. Oh the traumas of being a girl.

Hugs & Kisses


Victoria'sProcrastinationProject said...

Love the look of the colour of the dress! Good choice on the boots!

Daisy-Mai said...

i love this dress it looks awesome!


Anonymous said...

I'm attending staff dinner today too! Love the color of that little dress, I think boots looked great! Hope you had fun!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Georgia said...

I love the colour. Can't be bothered with heels either. I have to wear them to work but it hurts so much I was literally crying with pain yesterday night haha.

I love your blog name. everytime I see it in my dash I'm like "arg why didn't I think of that name, grrr bitch." etc. :)


pancakeSTACKER said...

The color looks great!


Cecylia said...

hi dear, your mustard dress looks great with the black cardi and tighta! Hope you had an awesome time!

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

Lovely outfit, simple yet chic xoxo

Zoe said...

Lovely outfit!

Tor said...

I love the colour of your dress!

Tor @ That's Peachy Fashion Blog xx