27 March 2012

Battle of the Fake Tans

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L-R Laurens way, Chanel, St Tropez, Sun Kissed & Fake Bake.

I have to admit, I am a fake tan addict. When i'm not being unbelievably lazy, I probably tan about 2 - 3 times a week. I have tested them all! However the Items pictured have been my top fave for the past few years. (Reviews seen here and here) I didn't know, until my ex Boyfriend informed me, that fake tan reacts differently to your skin at different times of the month due to your hormones - hence my need to have 5 different tans on hand at all times. Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but it makes sense as sometimes I am super brown and other times i'v covered myself in tan and nothing has happened. 

Overall Winner - St Tropez - The easiest to apply by far. The colour isn't too dark, but gives you a nice glow.

Best for Face - Chanel - It smells amazing and the colour comes out perfectly - hello a week in the sun in 10 minutes (review later this week).

Best for Instant - Sun Kissed - Strapped for time and heading out with the girls - this tan is perfect and instant. It does continue to get darker as the night goes on, so you have to be careful with how much you apply. I usually go with one coat overall and then an extra coat for my legs.

Hugs & Kisses


Looking Fab in your forties said...

I always use Fake Bake, I like the fact it is such a natural colour and contains nothing harmful xx

FTD said...


TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Great review! Definitely need to pick one of these up! I am soooo pale and can't tan!!

The Urban Umbrella

letizia said...

I am not a fan of fake fan...yet ! ahah, maybe I'm gonna change my mind now, I usually don't expose to the sun..

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la vie quotidienne said...

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Daisy said...

need to invest in some fake tan, tanning beds are no good wahhh!

RaspberryBlonde said...

haha, I love this post!! since my tan resembles the colour of milk, I could definitely use these tips!

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

I've ditched the fake tan recently coz I'm so lazy, been making everyone blind with my skin! Yikes! xoxo

Fashions Beauty

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Xen Tan is my favourite, it seems to apply better and give a nicer colour on me

Char! said...

I am about to take the plunge and get my first ever st Tropez spray tan soon so I'm glad you said they were your winner! x

pinkmate said...

i used tanners before but never tried St Tropez. :) Thank you for visiting my blog dear. wanna follow each other? :)


lucia m said...

i love fake tans! and thank god california is always sunny!

Enara Girl said...

I'm not a fake tan addict but I understand you.
I can't wait for summer too.
Have a great day!

M.E said...

I always become orange with these creams so I gave up and sunbathe at the beach or pool instead ;)