19 March 2012

Pump it up!

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If there’s one thing that women have never been terribly good at, it’s wearing comfortable shoes. Think of the fabulous Mrs Victoria Beckham striding out in 3-inch heels against the advice of her chiropodist, think Baby Spice and the famously sprained ankle after falling off her platforms, and who could forget that magnificent tumble Naomi Campbell took at a Vivienne Westwood show way back in 1993?
However, it seems common sense may finally be holding sway, as the humble pump is making a comeback and women’s feet the world over are breathing a collective sigh of relief.
Pumps shoes and flats may not be making an appearance on the red carpet any time soon, but they are becoming an off-duty favourite of many celebs, not to mention the eminently stylish Duchess of Cambridge. And the always on-trend Fearne Cotton has already been spotted out and about in hers, even though most sane people are still in fur-lined boots and thick socks.
The beauty of pumps is that they work with pretty much everything. Team them with skinny jeans and a simple stripy top, et voilĂ  – instant Parisian chic. Wear them with three quarter length black trousers and a smart white shirt and immediately a work outfit is made more comfortable, and come summer time they make a great alternative to sandals and flip flops.
In fact, it’s probably fair to say that of all the trends that have held sway in women’s shoes over the years, they are probably the most versatile, and are loved the world over because of it. Even the ambassador of heels herself, Victoria Beckham, has been spotted toning down a pretty shift dress with a plain black ballet style pair.
If Paris couture week is anything to go by, it looks like bold colours are going to be big news again this spring, so when shopping for pumps, why not be brave and opt for pinks and reds that will really make a colour splash and brighten up a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit? Remember, canvas lace ups make a great alternative to sandals and will really funk up a floaty dress, while hi-tops and some faded boyfriend jeans will make for the perfect chilled out weekend look.

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nicola said...

I really need to get some more pumps this year, I've been living in my boots all winter! Great post! xxx

Rakhshanda said...

I love pumps...need to get a few pairs now!!!

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

I love how heels look but for everyday life they are completely impractical. I wore some heels out this past Saturday and I seriously cannot even begin to think about the next time I'll be slipping on some pumps, ouch my ankles!

The Urban Umbrella

la vie quotidienne said...

I think the same .... you're right ... you know if J.Campbell are comfortable shoes?

I follow from now on GFC and Bloglovin .... thanks for your comment on my Blog.

Kisses from Munich

La Vie Quotidienne

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I love the shoes in the pic - I'm pretty good at walking in heels with a platform but as soon as I have ones without I absolutely cannot walk!

Forever Fashion said...

I adore high heels and platforms!! But def cannot wear them every day for long periods!! I love wedges as a substitute and nice sandals :D

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

I'm definitely a flats lover! All my heels are being admired, but I'm terrible with wearing them! xoxo

Fashions Beauty

Computergirl said...

Feet are so important and need to be looked after with supportive shoes. If not then you could have problems later on in life. Especially if you damaged them while still growing. That said, sometimes fashion does come before comfort ;) xx

Miss Caitlin S. said...

oh dizzamn! hotness.

Arra Abella said...

Love the heels!


Jennifers Rags To Riches said...

Woow thats what you call heels, love the colour.