26 March 2012

Topshop Lipstick

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I haven't really paid much attention to the Topshop make up range except to get a deep red lip gloss last Halloween as I decided that it was Vampirish. That was until last Saturday. I have been on the hunt for an orange lippy for what seems like ages now. I have tweeted, facebooked and generally social media'd the search for said colour out completely. I'm not much of a lipstick fan in general - mainly due to choosing the wrong colours as a blonde - but now i'm a brunette alot more seems to suit me. I decided to go for this little orange number called 'Charmed' from the new Sisters of the Moon collection. The colour comes out exactly how I imagined it to, its not drying and has some staying power - I can't really state the full staying power as I always top my lippy up with gloss and then end up spending the day licking my lips.

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Hugs & Kisses

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kate funk said...

This packaging is adorable!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

glad you like the color! I wish we had topshop in my neck of the woods.

Ambyr said...

That's a really pretty tangerine-y color.


Josie said...

That's such a pretty shade!
xo Josie

Marianna said...

Seems lovely!!

Becca. said...

that packaging is gorge! tinypic keeps deleting my photos too, i don't know which photo site to move to though!

thanks for the comment on my blog,

el_martina said...

great colour!

RaspberryBlonde said...

no example? would love to see it on!

underthewillowtrees said...

/i have this too and love it, though haven't worn it much yet.


Fashionista said...

lovely color! Love your nail polish also!

QT said...

Very nice!

Shen said...

Im glad you found an orange lipstick in the end =) Looks nice.

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

What's on your nails? Pretty!