4 July 2012

Top 5 Entires Announced #7days7dresses


Hey guys,
I'm still going through all your entries and deciding who the lucky blogger will be.
I have narrowed it down to my top 5.
The top 5 finalists are -

  • Lynn from A Slice of lemon's cake - see her entry here.
  • Olivia from Olivia marianna - see her entry here.
  • Jenna from Jenna Suth - see her entry here.
  • Smile it's Fashion - see her entry here.
  • Alive Gurl - see her entry here.

Check back Friday to find out who the winner is.

Good Luck
*Image via WeHeartIt


Lynn Fancy said...

I am speechless! Thank you so so much for making me top 5! Congratulations other finalists! Wow, I'm in total shock! {{{hugs}} to you all xxxx

Lilinha Angel said...

Congratulations Lynn!! Absolutely loved your post, songs were great! Good luck!!! :) x

Anonymous said...

Wow well done Lynn loved your entry!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Lynn, love your blog xxx

khal khaleesi said...

Ohhh, loved Lynn's entry. I love her blog =) x

Jenna Suth said...

Thank you Kirsty :) Good Luck Girls xx

Olivia Morreale said...

Thank you so much! Wow, my second ever blog post and I've been selected as 1 in top 5! Thank you :D well done to everyone else too xx

Nuas e Cruas said...

Good Luck!



KAKA Karleise said...

lovely your blog
confer my blog and follow me, it is new and very cool, has news, kisses!

LondonBirdLucy said...

Rooting for a Slice of Lemon Cake! (With a dollop of cream)
Fantastic showcase of the New Look Range.
Loved the outfits, so elegantly put together and the chosen accessories perfect matches.
With music to boot! (I've never seen that before)
Good luck Lynn x