20 August 2012

Back to Work


Monday morning and back to work! I've trained myself over the past couple of weeks to look forward to Mondays. Its a new week, a fresh start and lots more things to achieve.
Life is what you make of it, spend it with lots of fabulous people and the ones you love. It can change in a split second so appreciate everything that you have. With that said - im off to appreciate an ice cold Coke Zero in my gorgeous new heels. Happy Happy Happy!





Hugs & Kisses


Elisa said...

So, so nicely said!!

Thank's for this reminder on appreciating every moment.

<3 Elisa

The pampered pout said...

Lovely outfit and thoses shoes are amazing x

Gabriele said...

great outfit, love the heels..thanks for the positivity on a monday morning! :)

Jessille said...

so stylish!
mind to check out my blog?

Anonymous said...

This outfit is so effortlessly stylish! I want that PVC skirt. It looks amazing on you.

Gemma x

Josie said...

DYING over those shoes.
xo Josie