22 August 2012

Does my bum look big in this

Summer is nearly over girls and it feels like it has barely begun, infact did it ever start? I think we may have skipped a season - Le sigh! But before the fake Summer is over - i'm eager to wear all of my Summer clothes, cover myself in fake tan and pretend like i've been on holiday. This means bye bye jeans and hello playsuits. I haven't really notice that many playsuits for women around in the shops this season, but then I have been cheating on fashion with homeware. As I can't seem to find an  outfit post with me wearing a playsuit - you can have one of me wearing jeans! Lucky you!

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CathJones said...

Lovely jeans!

Cath x

Ambyr said...

Love your pants. And these stats on your bum are hilarious!


Gabriele said...

Great floral jeans. xx

peggy_ann said...

love love your blog! so cute! follow back <3