30 August 2012



Green is a colour that I usually stay away from. Mainly because it was my little sisters fave colour (Hi Cat!) and it simply wasn't cool to like anything that she liked. Example - for years I pretended to hate peanut butter, just because it was her absolute must in all things breakfast - fast forward 15 years and I am obsessed with it. Much like the peanut butter, green has grown on me (Shhhhh don't tell the sister), and I no longer turn my nose up at it - oh I'm such a big girl now. Recently I have incorporated some green into my wardrobe with items such as cardigans and camisoles, however I think its time to add some jewels into the mix. So what better way to do so, than with Emerald rings from Gems.TV. Turns out an Emerald is actually my birthstone (who knew), so jumping on the emerald band wagon couldn't have been more apt.

Hugs & Kisses


Minna said...

Lovely rings! Green is such a pretty color! :)

Natasha Gregson said...

Love it :) So beautiful and a subtle pop of colour to an outfit!!


TheOtherSideofCool said...

These are so pretty! I normally hate green, I'd never wear anything green, or buy a green bag or notebook or whatever. But when it comes to jewels and peoples eyes, green is absolutely stunning! xx

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Gabriele said...

Oh I love emerald green and thse rings are gorgeous! Xo

Lifeasanhourglass said...

2nd and 3rd ones are my favourites! you and your sis remind me of my sisters too lol x

Arine said...

Nice rings!