14 August 2012

Lazy Day Beauty Routine


Sometimes, just sometimes I simply cannot be bothered to wash, cleanse, tone and moisturise. On those  hungover, drunk too tired to move days, I opt for something quick and easy so that I can just fall into bed and sleep. Going to bed with make up on is not an option for me, as I have Rosacea, I think my skin needs more time to breathe. You may think i've lost the plot using products advertised for a baby's bum, but they are cheap and don't burn like a lot of other make up remover products that I have tried. Sudocrem is a lifesaver to get rid of any red on my face that comes from drinking too much wine.



Hugs & Kisses


Rosie said...

Actually, baby wipes are really good for removing make-up!! Specially for sensitive skin =) I use them always, except when I have waterproof mascara (as they don't wipe it off).

I don't think I have Rosacea, but my skin tends do be really reddish...only I think it is because I blush to much? =P


Vee said...

I use baby wipes for when I am in a lazy mood and they work just fine. But I think for my sensitive skin cleansing and moisturising proves more successful. Even if it is a bit of a kerfuffel!


Amy said...

Couldn't agree more about baby wipes as well.


Leopard and Lillies

garde said...

ohh thanks for your nice comment.... you are a great follower

Sam Hutchinson said...

LOVE Sudocrem, absolute wonder product! xxx