3 August 2012

Nokia Pureview 808 photo diary: Week 3

{Perfect night in}

Hey Girlies, hope you have all had a fabulous weekend and have an even more fabulous weekend planned. I am on a mission to see Magic Mike - Someone will come with me, i'm sure of it!
I've taken a quiet role on my blog for the moment as I have no internet at home, Sky and BT have completely messed up and apparently won't be able to get it running for another month? So if I go completely mute on you guys, you now know why.

{Reasons I love being a blogger}

{Glittery Chrysanthemum}

{Moving home package}

{Lilies from the bestie}

Hugs & Kisses


Anonymous said...

ohh so many packages :)

Anonymous said...

flowers look lush

Lilli said...

love lilies too!:) kisses dear!

Barcelona Brunettes said...

wooow! amazing pics <3

Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...

hehe so many packages ! Love the moving house package :)

Beautiful Dreams

Clara Turbay said...

Your ideas are casual and cool!

Alba said...

cute flowers!


Gina said...

The lilies are gorgeous!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

You have no internet and I have no computer :-( lol. The likes are cute!

Stop by and say HI!
Confessions Of A City Girl 

Sisko (formerly Show Pony) said...

Gorgeous photos!

Jess xx

Love Lust And Labels said...

lovely :)

from Love Lust and Labels Blog


unze sundas said...

so pretty!! & Nice!!
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