5 August 2012

To buy or not to buy?


Due to the rubbish summer we are having, I have decided to start shopping for some A/W clothes. They collections are slowly filtering into the shops and I quite frankly want everything! 
I am obsessed with shoes so I thought I should probably start with those and work all my outfits around that. These Ash boots are the perfect model off duty boots, not that i'm a model mind, but I quite like the look.
What do you guys think?

Hugs & Kisses


Hanna said...

buy, definitely! they're amazing :)

xo, Hanna

Chelsea Jade said...

I think they are gorgeous, but I'm sure I've seen a seller with some very similar on eBay I'm sure. xx

Ilya Trifonenkov said...

nice boots!

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Emma said...

love em

Angie said...

yep, those are awesome!


Just Dee said...

Buy definitely. my biker boots are my go to shoes all year round

Maggie ☮ said...

With such a statement piece that is soo in trend (studded) I'd wonder to myself if I have a classic leather boot first, before making the purchase. ...This way when I get sick of the trend, I'll still have my classic pair.

Sam said...


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