11 September 2012

Ankle boot heaven


Did you guys guess the right pair of shoes? They are 100% not my style, but I seem to be gravitating towards this colour a lot lately. Whether it's a jacket or a pair of boots - strangely enough, this is also quite similar to my new hair colour. I wonder where I got the inspiration from!? Ha!
These are from Ash and i'm also just about to purchase this pair and also this pair.

Hugs & Kisses


Nicol SepĂșlveda said...

I love the color of your booties. Great purchase :)

Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...

They're gorgeous!!! I love the studded pair to :)

Beautiful Dreams

Megan said...

Just bought a pair of boots similar to these. Love them! They're a great color too.

Gabriele said...

they are so so pretty, love them and the colour!! Xo

Josie said...

Cute -- I LOVE the color.
xo Josie

Amy said...

love the boots!

Leopard and Lillies