29 September 2012

How to add that little extra to your outfit


No matter if we go out to have a drink, to go shopping with our friends or to party all night long, we all want to look as good as possible. We therefore spend hours in the bathroom and before our wardrobe to find the right combination of clothes and to paint our eyes, lips and cheeks. This dedication to our looks proves enough to please ourselves most of the time but sometimes we just have the feeling that something is missing. Sometimes it just has to do with our mood, when something makes us sad and we are therefore missing the sparkle in our eyes. Most times in such a situation, however, there is just something missing in our outfit.

Ribbons, bracelets and watches‚ accessories can make a difference

Often it just takes adding or changing something small in order to create a completely coherent and great outfit. A flower in one‚ hair, a belt, a different handbag, some earrings or a watch that can be used as wonderful accessory‚ usually it is enough to alter just some slight thing to make a really huge difference in the end.

Material, colour and size‚ all those factors can change one‚ outfit and appearance dramatically. Also, increasing as well as decreasing one‚ amount of make-up can give one a wholly new appearance. No matter if one prefers more or less make-up - it is entirely dependent on one‚ personal taste. Be reminded, however, that many men prefer women who apply only little make-up to underline their natural features, but men are somewhat afraid of the ones who apply multiple layers of make-up.

The right amount of jewelry

So take your time to try out different make-up products and also pieces of jewelry. You can basically never go wrong with watches which can be combined with nearly every style as well as earrings and necklaces. Those accessories are neat eye-catchers which can really embellish every outfit as long as one doesn't‚ get carried away and wears too many of them. Two to three pieces can be regarded as the ideal number. 


Forever Fashion said...

Im so into "arm candy" now, Im obsessed with stacking up on bracelets and a watch. Idk they just look so amazing and give your outfit something more. Great tips! I love experimenting with makeup and different hairstyles, it makes you get out of your comfort zone. And it's good to try new things!

Andrea said...

my fav things to make an outfit special are bracelets or hats :) great post!

Ambyr said...

Great 'extras' styling tips. I'm all about less is more and subtly bold looks.


Anonymous said...

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