21 September 2012

Puppy Love


I might just be getting myself a little puppy in the next couple of weeks. I thought I really wanted one, super excited, but now it seems so real. So I'm a little bit scared to say the least. It's a massive responsibility and a 24/7 job - but hey he'll love me regardless. I'm off to have a look at a litter tomorrow and will see if a little puppy chooses me. I have already decided on the name - Oreo. Now off to read up on crate training.

Hugs & Kisses


Fashionista said...

So cute

Ambyr said...

Oooh adorable! I hope he wants to go home with you, in your pocket! Can't wait to see if you get one.


Kylie said...

Super cute, best of luck with finding a little buddy. I really want a puppy too. I just don't think I can deal with picking up shit haha. I heaved when I had to change my own childs nappy ;) x

Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...

good luck ! We got a puppy last year and since we've had him we cant imagine life without him :)

Beautiful Dreams

JASMINE said...

so cuteee. good luck!

Asha said...

Its honestly the best thing you will ever do, I can't imagine life without my two dogs now! Please make sure you put loads of pictures up, if its two things I love puppies and shoes...on the same blog :) lol x

Claire said...

Awww so cute, I'm jealous, we lost our dog in august and I'm longing for another one, they really do change your life :-)