3 September 2012

Second Glance


I showed you this dress last Monday (seen here), but I totally forgot to show you the back, which is one of the reasons I picked the dress in the first place. It's amazing, little but more daring than my usual but I loved it! Also because it is so tight - it sucked everything in and up. What more cold a girl want? This dress is from Prodigy Red and cost around £10 - They also do it in black, so i'm pretty sure i'll be putting that on my wish list.




Sarah said...

Lovely dress! I wish I could wear something like this but I hate my back being on show :( x

Asha said...

I love backless dresses...its something different to getting your boobs out! Very sophisticated lol x

Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...

the back is lovely !!! bargain for £10 :0 hope you had a good night !

Beautiful Dreams