4 October 2012

10 things you don't know about me


I've seen quite a few ten thing tags around lately, so I thought i'd join in as I quite like reading them.

  1. I hate my feet being touched with an absolute passion!
  2. I have Mayo with pretty much everything - my ex spent hours cooking for the first time for me, only for him to put a steak in front of me and have me ask for ketchup and mayonnaise. 
  3. Red wine makes me hiccup.
  4. Normal coke makes me fall asleep.
  5. I quite like the taste of prawns, but the thought of having a prawn in my mouth makes me sick.
  6. I like to think i'm Martha Stewart in the kitchen, but in reality, i'm more Bodger & Badger.
  7. I can't read a book whilst sunbathing - it really hurts my elbows - random I know.
  8. Sometimes, I get so drunk on a glass of wine that I have to go home.
  9. I've secretly wanted to be a model since the age of 5.
  10. I hate getting picture taken - see point 9.
What are yours?

Hugs & Kisses


Carly said...

I'm with you on the feet thing!

Forever Fashion said...

lol! I usually like to think im Julia Child, my "french" comes out when I cook XD
I also have secretly wanted to be a model but Im too short and for some reason I don't feel like I pose good. So that's out the window!

Ambyr said...

These are great! - I think I have OCD, everything has to be done in even increments, - I don't like chocolate or dessert for that matter but I LOVE to make it, - I like to eat my fries with a fork (don't ask)....


Miška said...

:) so cool. wanna follow each other?

Rosie said...

This is such a cute post!!! =D I loved number 9 and then what you wrote on number 10!!! =D


Henessy said...

Points 7 & 8 are soooo me! I just cant read sunbathing and I am such a light weight especially with wine. One glass and I'm very tipsy & sleepy lol

lucillejoy said...

Love this! Definitely relate to points 1 and 2, although my boyfriend is even worse than me so no situations like yours haha! I want to do this!


funny things about you!! everybody is random :)

Barcelona Brunettes said...

We love to know more about you! Haha like the point 9 and 10!



Le Fresne said...

Very cute blog dear.
I'm with you on the wine point!

le fresne x

Larissa said...

Great and funnt post!
You have me inspired... I challenge myself to do the same anytime soon! haha...
From hats to heels