18 October 2012

Because i'm a Geek


Bought this t-shirt as soon as I spotted it on the rails at Topshop. I'm pretty sure i'll be wearing it tomorrow with some blue skinnies and a baseball jacket - watch this space!
Have an amazing evening girls, i'm off for dinner with the family as its Daddy's birthday.

Hugs & Kisses


EmilyGrace said...

I've been eyeing up this t-shirt! :)

GeorginaGoodman said...

This top is world wide im seeing it everywhere!!
Happy Bday to your dad :D

Im following you, id love if you
Check out blog and giveaways :)

Alexis said...

I ordered this online yesterday, love it X

Sophie said...

I really want this top! I adore it! Hope you had a lovely time at the meal :) xxx

Klaudia... said...

I love this shirt and thankyou for sharimg where it's from as i've been trying to find it everywhere! <3 xo

Hannah Louisa said...

I was eyeing this up in store in the green version the other day ,love it <3 enjoy your dinner x

Gabriele said...

Blue skinnies and the t-shirt will be perfect.

rachel said...

I've seen this tshirt everywhere, in going to have to get my hands on one! X

Courtney said...

What a cute tee! Happy Birthday to your Dad! x

Maddie.Elizabeth said...

Such a cool tshirt! Hop you've had a lovely time for your Dads brithday!

Maddie xx

What Lara Did said...

I purchased this in a kharki green colour the other day. Love love love it! :-)

indie by heart said...

It's so adorable ! I want one toooo.. ^^

Indie by heart