16 October 2012

Keeping a summer look in autumn

Image via CathintheCity

Although the summer has come to an end, there is no reason to hide all traces of it in your personal look. In fact, it doesn't take much to keep the summer in your face. Of course, it is a question of attitude and mood how one looks like but it is possible to add some extra sunrays with the right makeup. This face cream makes the complexion glow, for example, and as it is available in different hues, it can even out the paleness emerging in the darker season. However, a perfect skin is nothing without the perfect outfit and hairstyle which have to go hand in hand.

Combining summer and winter

Every girl likes wearing skirts and dresses in summer. And there is no need to stick only to trousers throughout the winter as one can keep the legs warm with tights, leggings, and over-knee socks beneath the skirt. It is also fashionable to wear long coats and woolen pullovers in combination with skirts. The proper addition to these clothes is a good and waterproof pair of boots, and a waisted coat and a scarf. As the autumn will start with colorful leaves falling off the trees, it is a good idea to adopt the brightness of colors in the individual outfit. Warm autumn colors like brown, beige, yellow, red or orange are really fitting, but this year has also witnessed the emergence of an icy blue.

Trousers are also hip

If skirts and dresses are not for you, the leg fashion has more to offer. Chinos, leggings, and jeggings are even more popular than they were last year, and they come in one color as well as in playful prints so that everybody is going to find the proper pair for herself.


Brooklyn Grace said...

Nice coat dear!!
love the look

Forever Fashion said...

Love your post, I wish it was cold enough to wear tights, theyre so cute!

Josie said...

Adding tights and pretty coats is such a great way to bring summery clothes into winter!
xo Josie

Boho Vanity said...

What a chic fall outfit! I should really try the dark tights with dark heels look, it's so stunning xx

- Boho Vanity