24 October 2012

Shark on my Tee


I have a crazy obsession with sharks - I mean I look forward to shark week. I've seen every shark movie possible including Sharktopus (I wouldn't advise watching). However I am completely and utterly petrified of them, to the point where I will no longer go in the sea - crazy! I mean how many shark attacks happen in the UK? I think thats a massive ZERO!
Anyhow - to keep me happy, I bought a shark tee - this one is from Romwe and I can't wait for it to arrive.

Hugs & Kisses


Lacey said...

I think it's cute. Would look great with skinny jean esp if you by it in a biggish size :)

Jazz Banks said...

love this, sos so cool!

Sarah said...

Wenn Sie Ihre Schals in einem anderen Stil tragen wollen dann schauen, können Sie sie als Top tragen. Ich benutze mein vintage Schals und sie sehen fantastisch aus. Die kleinsten, die ich verwendet habe, ist 90cm x 90cm, größere verwendet einfach doppelt an der Vorderseite können. hoffe, das hilft Fashionistas

Raffles Bizarre said...

How do I not know this about you!? I am shark obsessed too. In fact for my last bday my friends all clubbed together to pay for me to swim with sharks in an aquarium near Manchester - though we haven't had a chance to organise it yet.

That top is pretty awesome, I am constantly rotating the same 2 shark tops so I need some more to add to my collection!

Yay so happy to find another shark mad lovely!

Boots Treat Street said...

There's something attractive about sharks! We're looking forward to seeing your ghost buster costume! Hope you post some pictures here!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

that;s really cool x

ikilledthetrend said...

Have you seen Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus? I think it may just be the worst movie in existence. If you haven't you should definitely watch the plane scene on youtube and you'll understand what I mean! xx