5 November 2012

Baroque 'n' Roll


Not many pictures were taken last weekend, as I am a menace with my possessions after a few cocktails, so the camera was left at home. It's not overly clear in the pictures, but I wore this baroque pencil skirt from River Island. It was amazing and I left a glitter trail wherever I went and my house looked like a glitter bomb had exploded. The next morning, I found the clothing tag on my bed, which actually read: WARNING: Some glitter loss may occur during washing and wearing - Understatement of  the century, but thanks for the heads up RI. Also wore my comfy shoes are we planned on having a little dance - turns out - not so comfy.


Wearing River island skirt, AA tank, New Look jacket and Carvela court shoes.


Livstyle said...

Love the skirt!!!

And thanks for the nice comment on my blog!!


Let's follow each other....;)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

That skirt is gorgeous and I love how you left a trail of your fairy dust everywhere!

Jodie said...

Amazing skirt- looks like you had a great time x

Karolina said...

this skirt is so beautiful :) thanx for commenting !

Alexis said...

That skirt is to die for and you look stunning in it! x

Darling Cherie said...

Tagged you in my latest blog post! Would love you to take part!

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