26 November 2012

Sinless Sun Fake Tan


I have to admit, I don't sunbathe, I find it boring, reading in the sun makes my elbows hurt and I just don't have the patience. So obviously throughout the summer (and winter), fake tan is my best friend. I've tried them all, you name it, I've tried it. Except Sinless Sun - A friend of mine came round looking so brown, I thought she'd spent a season in Ibiza, but no, she just raided the shelves at Superdrug. Pretty impressive right? I've now been using the tan for a good 5 months, just to check that it's worth my rave reviews and also if I continue to like it and if my skin continues to love it. Although I find it a lot harder to apply that others, it sets pretty quickly, the result you get is amazing - did I say AMAZING? Yes, yes, yes I did. You will be scared once applied as you literally look like you've rolled around in mud, but it is such a perfect, just been on holiday bronzed goddess look. I find it only lasts for about 3 days, but it doesn't go patchy, which is just what a busy girl needs. Another plus with this brand their moisturiser and body scrub. The moisturiser is a must in my beauty basket right now, it smells yummy, just like the tanning creams at the sun bed shop! so nice!




Fake it don't bake it


Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...
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Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...

This looks really good , i don't like sunbathing either ! It gets so boring after a while :)

Beautiful Dreams

Anonymous said...

did you take any pics with you wearing it?

Anonymous said...

did you take any pics with you wearing it?

Lucie_xoxo said...

Oh this looks fun I want some :)!

Sam said...

Laying out in the sun bores me too. I'm always looking for a good tanner.