8 December 2012

How to choose the right bra for your Xmas outfit


With the 25th December rapidly approaching, you may have already picked out an outfit for the office party or a festive day out with friends, but have you thought about what bra you’ll wear? It can be tempting to throw on any boulder holder at the last minute, but the right lingerie can perfect your look.

T-shirt bra
If you’ve recently had a breast enlargement or just want to be as comfortable as possible, a t-shirt bra is the way forward. it will give you the support you need on those busy winter days, but won’t dig in if you’re relaxing by the fire or having a mince pie in bed. They are also great to wear with high-necked tops and are ideal for ice skating, running through snow or decking the halls with boughs of holly.
Push-up bras
Going somewhere a little special this year? If so, a push up bra might be in order. Lingerie of this kind will help you fill out your favourite top or dress and is great to wear with v-necked or scooping necklines that require a little va va voom. Of course, a Wonderbras is probably the most notorious of cleavage enhancers, but there are plenty of other brands out there so don’t be afraid to try a few different designs on.
Plunge bras
If you have a beautiful low-cut dress, but are struggling to find the underwear to complement it – fear not! Simply look for a bra with a deep plunge at the front as this will leave your cleavage free from material. As there are many different types of plunge bra for sale, it’s a good idea to take your outfit with you while you’re shopping to ensure you buy the right one. What’s more, as 80 per cent of women are thought to wear the wrong size bra – you should make extra sure you get measured in every store.
Strapless bras
Christmas is the perfect time to get all dolled up, so don’t be afraid to go for strapless or off-the-shoulder designs. These look great on people with toned shoulders and arms and can be teamed with the strapless bra of your choice. Many boulder holders these days even come with removable straps, so you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to find something appropriate.
If you have a more modest chest, you could even get away with breast enhancers known as chicken fillets. These can be stuck over your chest or slotted into your bra and are a natural alternative to a breast augmentation with a reliable surgeon.
The party season is here, so look fabulous this year by wearing the right bra.


underthewillowtrees said...

T-Shirt bra all the way.

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Great post! I have quite bigger boobs, so its always a nightmare finding bras!


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Morgan Erina said...

Thank you for all the advice on bras! They can be difficult to choose sometimes!

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Oh I love this hun! I usually rock the pasties since all the holiday looks I wanna wear have cutouts somewhere or another...You're chock full of tips!

Also- I’m hosting a d├ęcor-to-dress giveaway where 3 winners will WIN a fabulous frock of their choice just in time for the holidays! Hope you’ll stop by to enter the contest!

Peace. Love. LOL!

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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Gorgeous dresses! xx

Zoe Gibaut said...

Awesome post! Love it


CaramelandCandles said...

vary nice post dear/

LiVDE said...

thx for your comment:) nice dresses:)

Cathy Anderson said...

It's true to size and with there being removable straps it still keeps your girls up! i love it! i wear it with tanks,tubes and whatever else. Wonderbra ultimate strapless very comfortable.