3 December 2012

Outfits Past


Having a blog makes it easy to see what you wear the most, when you're likely to wear it and also what outfits work. Recently, due to the cold weather, I have been browsing past outfits from this year and trying to decide what to wear. I came across this outfit, and really wanted to wear it, but none of the items, except the leggings have been seen since i've moved into my new house! 
Le sigh! Whats a girl to do?
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Hugs & Kisses


*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Ahhh love this outfit - totally the kind that I would wear!

Melissa Blake said...

Awww! i love this outfit! Really relaxed!

Maria Veronica said...

That's a nice outfit, definitely one I'll re-create for my upcoming trip to Taiwan where it'll be a tad chilly heehee :)
Hope you get your other clothings with you soon! x

Anonymous said...

Super cute!! I'm sure you will find the pieces soon :)


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I totally agree! Love seeing what I wore, and what I can improve on.

Elena said...

love your outfit! looks really comfy and it's so stylish

Leah said...

I like this. And I know how you feel about missing stuff after you move. I just found my lipsticks after 6 months in our new place!

Jessica Buurman said...

great outfit as well as comfortable.