5 December 2012

Xmas Gift Guide - Under £25

 I started my gift shopping early this year (smug face), last month, and I am pretty much finished. This year I will not succumb to the Xmas eve dash to the shops, instead, I will drink frappe peppermint mochas, make gingerbread houses and spend time with my favourites. That is the intention, but my blog keeps me ridiculously busy in December, so we shall see. Here is my first gift guide, that I hope might just inspire you or maybe even give the boy a heads up! 

3. Purse
6. Zara necklace £17.99
7. Alice Hannah gloves £17.99
11. Coffee table book £5.99
13. Yankee candle £11.99
16. Moustashe mug £6.45
17. Contents of my Face make up bag £7.99

Hugs & Kisses



Love everything here! My boyfriend has acidently let slip that he has bought me this geek top, very excited! xx

Kacie Cone said...

Haha that makeup bag is so cute!

Cravingforbarneys said...

Great ideas! The Zara necklace is amazing! Xoxo

Daria said...

That's a really great post. So inspiring, I've got no presents yet but I will remember your tips ;)

Daria from

EmilyGrace said...

I'm loving those pencils!!

carolyna said...

love the ideas!
i want the sleek makeup palette it is so pretty :)
kiss :*

Northern Blush said...

Love the necklace! Great inspiration! :) xx

Lela said...

That makeup palette is such good value - woah!

Lela -

Cassidy Lee said...

This is honestly the best Christmas gift guide that I've seen yet! I really want one of the Topshop 'Geek' shirts and bobble hats I see everyone wearing. Those pencils made me crack up, I definitely would love those as well! And the makeup bag is definitely the best!

sleepandwater said...

Fantastic ideas! Lots of good suggestions and a great mix of items. The Sparkler looks like such a festive item - love the atomiser :)

Sophie Pocock said...

Great Christmas gift idea! now following your blog hun thanks for the comment on mine.