15 January 2013

A Hair Story


I miss having long hair so much - I love short hair - but I LOVE long hair. I just feel glamorous with long hair and a little bit like a child with short hair. Also - who knew having short hair would involve more up keep. Who knew?!! Not me that's for sure.

Hugs & Kisses


Abbie said...

Love the jeans xx

Valérie said...

The shirt!! Awesome :D


At least you're bold enough to go short! I can't bear to chop my hair off!

Sarah said...

I love the T shirt! I couldn't go short, my hairs too curly x

jakosan said...

love your outfit:)

xx teenj

Sarah said...

Im too scared to cut my hair short, its been long since forever! P.S. Love your batman top! Thanks for your lovely comment also xx

Be Nice* said...

So original outfit! I like it!

Nati Ko said...

Great batman look :)
Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog!
Wanna follow each other?

HeartsAndCrosses said...

You look gorgeous, love the tee!