13 January 2013

Double Zip


The double zip trend keeps popping up every now and then, but i've never seen it in the shops until now. I don't know whether to buy this little Topshop number or whether I should go all A Pair and a Spare on your arses and DIY one. Oooooh the decisions!

Image 1, 2

Hugs & Kisses


Valérie said...

I love the first skirt! It's so pretty :) xx

Janine said...

I would love to see one you have made (if you decide to make one that is), it would be really cool.

Janine xx

rosaliejayne said...

I love the topshop version but I think it would be lovely to see a diy one or even a bit of a step by step if that's what you decide to do :)

Couture for the soul said...

That is delightful - buy it! I'm gunna xx

h x

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Amina said...

love, love, love ...