25 January 2013


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I'm one of those girls who, sometimes, opens their wardrobe and literally feels disgusted by what they see. A bit dramatic I know, but once I feel like that it really all needs to go. I throw out what I don't like at that moment and sell my clothes that don't make the wardrobe cut. I have to do it there and then, like ripping off a band aid, the quicker it's done the easier it is to part with it all. As a blogger, I really do receive some amazing clothes and I also count shopping as part of my job (ha ha), so I come across so many items that I must have, which I buy, get home, put it in the wardrobe and forget about it. Once the crazy frenzy of I want want want has passed, I often find i've wasted my money and actually didn't like it that much at all. I'm also awful at buying for my body type. I've only just admitted that i'm actually petite (I have no idea why), and also at 5'2" was incredibly obvious. So again many items are too big, dresses are too long, much to my annoyance. This past week I decided to have massive wardrobe clear out and once it was all cleared and clothes were put in the correct places; ie: hanging up, I realised just how much clothing I actually had and decided it had gotten out of hand. I have bin bags full of clothes to sell - we're talking about 8 if not more. I no longer had a wardrobe, I had a floordrobe (A form of storage for your clothing which requires no hangers, no drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe), it was stressful, but at least now i've seen the wardrobe light. I feel quite happy that I have managed to get it all done, but I know i'm going to regret some of the items I have give the boot, but at least they will be going to a happy home. Instead of the darks depths of my undiscovered wardrobe.

Husg & Kisses


Noir. said...

I feel pleased with myself when i have a proper wardrobe clear-out i throw out so many things with the tags still attached so i have been really good with buying lately and trying to cut down on buying just any old thing!

I also have a chairobe, all my clothes go on my chair aha.


jessiemapooh said...

You look so much taller than 5"2 on your pics! This is great news because I always think you look lovely but it wouldn't suit me but I'm also 5"2! Yey! haha.

Couture for the soul said...

Floordrobe thats a good term for the state of my room right now ha

h x

HeartsAndCrosses said...

I'm guilty of a floodrobe as well!


Janine said...

I am the same as you in only just accepting I am petite (I am slightly taller at 5'3" which is where my confusion was as most petite ranges start at 5'3 and under so I didn't know what I was!) I am in the same position as you right now with the floordrobe! I have taken all next week off to sort the sorry situation out!

Janine xx
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Tia said...

ha ha don't feel alone I often do that! xxx