8 January 2013

January Cleaning


I went out and bought myself some pretty flowers to make myself feel better. They did the trick, I forgot how much of a difference flowers can make in a home. There I was me complaining that my house looked horrible after all the Xmas decs came now, but all it needed was some colour.
Flowers can be an expensive treat, but not always. These lot came from Tesco and all came up to the grand total of £7. Not too bad, but I would have liked more flowers for my money, either that or I need smaller vases. Add a million candles and some Haribo = the perfect night in.




Hugs & Kisses


Heidi-likes said...

The flowers are lovely and pretty - pink too :)

Keeley Laura said...

Very pretty!

- Keeley
Living In Your Imagination

cutesandfruits said...

Those flowers are so pretty, they look great with the candles too :) x

Blicious said...

so pretty!!

Sofia Ara├║jo said...

You're right, flowers always bring new life to a place. Love the pics :)

rosaliejayne said...

The flowers and candles look so lovely, great idea to fill the spaces left by the christmas decorations :)
rosalie x

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Awww these are gorgeous and I agree flowers always make a room feel fresh


Jen - Kitsch N Sync said...

Your flowers look gorgeous! Right up my street!

I find the supermarket flowers last a lot longer than the florists too!

Jen xx

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Very pretty, I love fresh flowers.

Sadie xx