3 January 2013

Roll Neck


I nearly broke my NYR this morning (To not dress like a tramp and do outfit posts everyday) and put on a pair of muddy converse and ripped skinny jeans. Nearly, but not quite, phew. However this outfit is my new comfy outfit, the jeans and so soft and the jumper is just so warm, it's nearly like wearing PJs outside the house - which I would never do - just so you know. Oh and my comfy boots of course.



Jeans here, Jumper here (on sale), Shoes Ash, Sunnies here.


Charli said...

I love that jumper, I have an off cream colour one in the same style and it is the softest snuggest thing I have ever worn... Could live in it if it was allowed! Also your boots are gorgeous!! x

Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

Chris El @ MyFashionTrendencies said...

You are so funny! (re: first line of this post). I've been doing the skinny jeans and slouchy sweater look also. :)

XoXo Chris

Be Nice* said...

Nice boats! ;)

Katarzyna S. said...

świetny golfik <3

Computergirl said...

That jumper looks warm. I think I need a few new jumpers as I am freezing in mine! xx

Lotta said...

Sv: Yes, I did =) How did you find my blog?? :)

& I love your outfit!

HeartsAndCrosses said...

You look gorgeous, love the jumper and the shoes