14 January 2013

Simply Irresistible


I always stick to the same 2 perfumes and I have done for years, I used to be a firm believer in a signature scent. However due to my best mates obsession with perfume (Hey Hayley) I know have a few more faves that need added to the collection. So far I have started with Givenchy Irresistible.  it says on the box, it's a unique aromatic floral fragrance and is sensually radiant, luminous and very feminine with immense sensitivity and elegance. I think in my opinion it's a medium smell - on my perfume chart Britney Fantasy is a small smell and Chanel Chance is a STRONg smell - so hopefully you get my gist.



Hugs & Kisses


Valérie said...

Oh this is my mum's perfume! I really like it :) xx

Anonymous said...

I love this perfume. But I love your glitter finger. What colour is that?
LaceyLoves x

Antal Tímea said...

I know this perfume, it's amazing! <33

Ambyr said...

I totally need to test this one out. I'm always looking for new perfumes. Cute nail polish.