2 January 2013

The Body Shop Bronzing Balls


I've been looking for the perfect bronzer for years. I am pretty pale and I fake tan quite often, but recently (maybe due to old age), I have been trying to tone down the tannage. The only problem with this is a lot of my make up is now too dark or too orange. These bronzing balls are perfectly shimmery and go so well with my pale complexion, that they give me a subtle, good skin glow as appose to in your face, i've just got my 6 weeks in the sun tan from a bottle look. Needless to say I am throughly impressed with this product and in-fact most of The Body Shop range that is in the shops right now. You should definitely go and check it out - this is also a limited addition, so don't wait too long!




Hugs & Kisses


Maria Veronica said...

I've got these too and they're well amazing!

keijtieloves said...

i love this balls and the kabuki, i have them too !! :)

Happy New Year!!

Rosie said...

Sounds great!! I also have very pale skin and the only bronzer I ever found that suited me is also from The Body Shop!!

I'm going to check this one out though, loved your review, but would have liked to see a picture of you wearing it to have a better idea of how it looks..maybe next time?

Have a great year!


Be Nice* said...

So nice!!! :)

Body Shaping said...

The body shop bronzing balls is shown here. Good post