20 February 2013

Black & White

 photo ee9aa1ef-5e8a-4133-8670-a665fba1e8fd_zps97d82a4d.jpg

I am literally the worst blogger - my outfit post resolution has failed miserably. I really need to make sure I get up in time to take some outfit pics in the daylight. I hope you guys don't mind too much, but it' seriously annoying me. Roll on spring. On a shoe related note - this post has reminded me that I own a pair of gorgeous Frida court shoes. I'm so wearing them tomorrow, I don't care how cold it is.

 photo 60da0ed8-3c34-45ce-bb46-6018f0ac9ed3_zpsea51b333.jpg

 photo 75bf618c-a263-4f1f-b4d9-6dd03f8599ba_zps3c6a8edc.jpg

 photo 47f1776a-ca2c-4afd-a2d6-2f5d99385877_zps0eaf3e83.jpg

 photo 069e90e0-5092-425b-bdb0-c9b58b575d5e_zps09b35c34.jpg

 photo 301624ba-9616-467e-b237-1950ac19a6d6_zps63c53f24.jpg

 photo 8f1013e0-5567-4b9d-b854-b6b7b7662c4d_zps9a03f5be.jpg

 photo 12b56db2-462a-4b91-a118-131c24a2a0c4_zps5915e892.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


indie by heart said...

Great outfits! :) Nice b&w photos.

Indie by heart
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Valérie said...

I love all your outfits! Great pictures :)

Love this post!

Valérie x

h² fashion said...

These are some great outfits, love that they're all in black and white too!

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Maggie Adofo said...

I just love black and white photos so much I don't even know why lol.

Maggie A.
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Kat Skitch said...

Love the glitter jacket and those pointed courts, so pretty

Kat xx