7 February 2013

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I've always been interested in who reads my blog as so many of you are very quiet on the comment front - that's ok - just glad you're reading it. Today i'd like to know if my readers have their own blogs. So if you do let me know and i'll check it out.

Hugs & Kisses


Jule said...

I'm a reader from Germany and have my own blog (
But since it is in German, i guess not very interesting for you ;-)

Charlotte Lewis said...

Followed your tweet on Twitter - Hands up!

Your blog is amazing, you have so many followers!!

Now following your blog on GFC :) WOuld you like to follow each other?

If so, you can visit my blog here:




yazmine said...

I love your blog, a bit rubbish with commenting though, sorry (a) I have a blog too :) :) xx

Jayde: said...

I have a blog, would love if you checked it out! :)

Jayde xo

glampunksuicide said...

Hi - I'm quite a new follower and follow you via GFC, think I found you because you follow me but can't remember! I've got a very long list of blogs I follow so I find it hard to keep up!

I try and comment when I get chance.

Leanne x

Barby said...

Hi! Your blog was one of the first I started to read. I'm not commenting very often as I'm always in a hurry and only read through blogs and check what's new.

I also have my own blog so if you have the time check it out.

Have a great day,

Maggie Adofo said...

I always try to comment when I stop by :)

Love Scrapbook

Ducili said...

I really love your blog & follow for almost a year...but sometimes I am just not in the mood for comments :) especially I must think more because of language! I am from Bosnia&Herzegovina and also have blog

Have a nice day :)

Amie K said...

I love your blog Hun it was one of the first I followed x

Xo Amie

Nicole Baxter said...

I've been reading your blog for about a month and I love it I would hugely apreciate you popping over to my blog I'll make sure to comment more often hehe

jessiemapooh said...

Hello Kirsty :) I have read your blog for well over a year and love it :) I have a new blog: and would love it if you had a look x

samecookiesdifferent said...

LVE as well :)
x <3

Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...

I love reading your blog and you post so much as well which is great :)

Beautiful Dreams

Vicky Ayles said...

Hey lovely. My blog is :)

LilyRibbons said...

Woo! I do! Andy my giveaway went live today :) Pass the word around :)

Lil xxx

Janine said...

I enjoy reading your blog, sorry I don't always comment but I am always reading :)

My blog is linked below :)

Janine xx

stylonylon said...


Yes, so guilty of reading and not commenting enough! And it's nice to see everyone else's blogs too!

My blog is

Julia x

Anonymous said...

That's how I feel too - but I have to admit I do it as well. Sometimes you're in a rush and just want to have a look at some posts quickly I guess.
K x

Megan said...

I have my own blog, you were the first person to comment on it and it made me so happy :), so thank you x

A Scholar Life

Copes Curiosities said...

I started following your blog after my bestie Linda sent me the link, she's your relative in Melbourne!

Lovely Sara said...

I always read your posts for a few months, but I usually arrive when already quite a few people commented. Often I read a few of their comments and fell that everything what I could say, was said before. I'll try to comment more from now on, because I love your blog.

I have my own little blog too. It's and it's an island of quirky fashion in all the colours of the rainbow and crazy hats. I would be happy, if you visit my fun place. I try to spread colours and happiness and want to encourage people to dare to wear, whatever they dream of.

Have a wonderful weeekend. Love, Sara xx

Gabriele said...

Blogging from Paris :)

Just Dee said...

Its always nice to know that the blogs you read, read their comments, it always annoys me when its obvious that people donn't!!
Dawn xoxo

Katie said...

I commented yesterday from my phone but it hasn't worked I noticed today when reading on my computer, so I'm always reading and have possibly commented before and they haven't gotten through! Although I very rarely comment on any blogs I follow mostly just lack or time or to be honest laziness.

I started a blog just yesterday

Not much on there yet only one post but lots more to come!


Tessa Brown said...

I follow on GFC and twitter but i never have anything unique to say in response to your posts.

I blog over here

Tess x

HeartsAndCrosses said...

I've followed you for ages, so cute you want to get to know your readers